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    Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spot?

A SPOT IS: Something that adds substance to fibers (oil, tar, gum, sugar, starch, and so on)

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What is a Stain?

A STAIN IS: Something that adds color (wine, colored beverages, certain medicines)

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What is a rug?

A RUG IS: a floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

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What is Wicking?


Have you heard us use the term wicking and possibly wondered what was meant by it? No, it has nothing to do with wicker, wicked, wiccen, or witches.

“Wicking” occurs only until the carpet has dried. Materials which wick up during drying may include soil not removed by the cleaning process. The problem develops during the drying of the carpet after cleaning or flooding. When we clean the carpet with hot water extraction (the preferred method of major fiber manufacturers) the technician makes many drying passes to take out most of the moisture. If you, the consumer, call 30 days after the cleaning and say the soil is now “wicking” to the surface or spots have reappeared, it is just plain resoiling. We will be more than happy to reservice the carpet but there will be an additional charge.

We leave you a bottle of SPOT OUT to help you take care of spots on carpet. We prefer you use this spotter because it does not cause resoiling.


You chose the carpet for your home because you loved the look and feel of the fibers. You like the way the color complements your furnishings. You would hope to keep it looking like new for years to come as it was a major investment. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification of which we are a member) offers the following tips to prolong the beauty of your carpet:
1-Keep walkways and entries clean. Sweep, blow, vacuum or rinse soil away from the entry area often.
2- Use walk-off mats at all entrances. This will prevent dirt from being tracked inside and soiling carpets and rugs.
3- Vacuum regularly. Vacuum at least twice weekly in high traffic areas and weekly in all other areas to remove dust and soil. Use high quality equipment with high efficiency vacuum filter bags and replace when 2/3 full for best results.
4- Treat spills immediately. Using a cleaning solution such as SPOT OUT™. Test it in an inconspicuous spot to ensure that discoloration does not occur.
5-After treating spills with the solution, gently BLOT with a clean white cloth. Rubbing may cause distortion to the fibers. Continue to blot until spot is removed or until no more color is transferred to cloth.
6-Rinse away all cleaning agents. Mist the carpet with plain water to remove the cleaning agents. This will prevent discoloration or rapid soiling.
7-Have carpet professionally cleaned annually. Light-colored carpet may require even more frequent professional cleanings. The IICRC recommends hiring a professional from a certified firm to clean your carpet. The technician must adhere to the 7 step IICRC S100 Carpet Cleaning Standards.

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