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    Spots and Stains on Upholstery

Spots and Stains on Upholstery


Spots and stains on upholstery are best left to the professsionals. 


That said ,I know some of you will want to do something, because that is human nature and also good for our business.  But, be forewarned,  that in most cases you will make it worse than better.

What is your furniture cleaning code "S", "W", "SW" or "X"

"S" is for solvent only, "W" is for water, "SW" can be either solvent or water, and "X" is vacuum only! 

If there is no code label then play it safe and treat it like it is an "S" code.


For those who feel they must do something - Liquid spills:

-  Blot with a dry absorbant towel until no residue can be seen in the towel and then stop!  If the item has been protected with MicroSeal it should blot out clean.  If you must do something more at this point then proceed  with the solvent based spotter listed below.


-  Grease, Oil and Lotions will require the use of solvent based spotter that will be labeled for "S" Cleaning codes.               K2R or Goof Off's  "AFTA"  are available at most Ace or True Value Hardware stores and are labeled for carpet and upholstery care with an "S" code.


-  Mud is best left to dry and then vacuum off the residue.

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